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Rapala Trout Lures – Our Full Guide

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Some fishermen prefer the most fish-like patterns they can find, particularly in clear-water conditions and less natural, but highly visible, patterns in cloudy water. Connect your line to the lure to maximize its action. There are several ways to connect a Rapala to your line: Snap or snap swivel. A snap lets you change lures faster than cutting and retying your line; a rounded snap allows for greater freedom of movement than a pointed one.

Rapala Lures for Trout Fishing

If you do use a snap or snap swivel, use the smallest you can. Keep your weight well away from the lure if using a sinker. How you fish the Rapala will determine what sinker to use, if any. Lures We increased our website security protocols to ensure you can continue to enjoy a secure shopping experience on Rapala. Journal The biggest question most trout anglers face when they head to the water is which lure to tie on first. There are as many lures available as there are rivers and streams snaking across North America, and picking the right one is a tough choic. Yellow Perch Verified Purchase. Bills broke off after the third cast on one and 10 cast after the other not the same quality as the ones I have 15 to 20 years ago.

rapala fishing lures for trout

Plain and simple, this lure catches fish! In the past 55 years that I have been fishing, starting when I was barely old enough to hold a fishing rod, I have fished all kinds of lures in all kinds of environments. The most prolific fish catching Countdown has been this Perch by far. I have caught a variety of fish on this lure this summer including a 4 lb. I love to catch a variety of fish because I have found that a good fishing outing requires the catching of many fish large and small. The more fish I catch, the more fun I have and this lure helps me attain that goal. Worked really good in Baja. Brook Trout Verified Purchase. See all 21 reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Rigging Rapalas for Rainbow Trout. Italo explains how it produces a great action to catch trophy fish. You can also let the lure drift with the current to reach pockets with overhanging limbs that would catch the lure if cast to directly. Crank the Rapala in with a steady retrieve. Use this technique with no sinker or with either of the weighting options described above. Crank the Rapala in for a few seconds, pause briefly, then crank again. This will also simulate a wounded minnow.

Rapala Fishing Lures Trout Deals

You can also use this retrieve with or without a sinker. If you are worried about casting the smaller sized Rapalas because they are so light, then you needed worry if you match the right tackle and line to it. Using an ultralight spinning combo should be sufficient. On the larger rivers and lakes then from size 7 up is best unless you are trolling in the shallows hunting out trout that are chasing schools of small bait-fish. From eleven upwards they will come with three treble hooks.

rapala fishing lures for trout

The two main types of Rapala stickbait minnows that are used in trout fishing are the original floating and the countdown. If correctly chosen to match the water you are fishing they both can be as equally effective as each other. Floating Generally if fishing in streams or rivers I would recommend the Rapala original floating lure on light tackle. Unless you are targeting trout deep in holes and pockets then you may need the countdown. Just be careful as when using the countdown there is a much greater chance of snagging something. This brightly colored set will keep the fish coming! See why people love these Some lures are same styles, so you may not get total different lures. Each comes with 1 sharp treble hooks. Some lures are same styles, so y Some lures are same style, so you may not get 30 different lures. Single Strand Titanium Leader Wire. Live Series Soft Lures. Hard Baits sub-cat-drop-down Jet Popper.

rapala fishing lures for trout

Jigs sub-cat-drop-down Bucktail Jigs. Assist Hooks sub-cat-drop-down Single Assist Hooks. Lure Kits sub-cat-drop-down Game Fish Kit. Light Speed Jig Kit.

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    fishing rapala lures

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    rapala fishing lures for trout
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